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Funding our Public Schools

Rebecca knows the value of education both as someone who went back to school taking night classes to earn her degree and as a mom who always wanted to make sure her sons had a leg up in school. Every child in Lee County and across Iowa deserves strong public schools to level the playing field of them and provide them with opportunities. We need to fully fund our public schools and support our hardworking teachers so that they can support our kids.  

Working for working families

Growing up in a rural, working-class family and then as a single mom, Rebecca knows what it's like to work hard for your family. And she knows that families in Iowa do, too. That's why she supports putting money back in the pockets of working families, increasing access to affordable childcare, and increasing the minimum wage so every worker in Iowa can make a livable wage. 

Increasing Access to Healthcare

Every Iowan deserves to have access to quality, affordable healthcare that keeps them healthy and doesn't break the bank. Rebecca supports protecting Iowans with pre-existing conditions and making sure every Iowan is able to get the coverage they and their families need.

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